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At KGX, all monies raised are donated to Australia and New Zealand Sarcoma Association (ANZSA),  formerly known as the Australasian Sarcoma Study Group (ASSG).


The Kicking Goals for Xav Foundation has been a long time supporter of sarcoma research through their generous donations to Australia and New Zealand Sarcoma Association, the peak body for sarcoma research in Australia and New Zealand.  The KGX Foundation has chosen to donate their funds to  sarcoma research by supporting specific, targeted annual sarcoma research grants.  The ANZSA Sarcoma Research Grant scheme ensures that only high quality research projects are awarded the grants, via the rigorous peer review grant process.  The KGX Foundation has funded important and impactful research projects across a range of research priorities and sarcoma tumour types. The support of the KGX Foundation has been critical to being able to deliver these research results and contributes to our joint missions of improving outcomes for sarcoma patients and their families.

Dr. Denise Caruso
Executive Officer

Australia and New Zealand Sarcoma Association

The ASSG (established in 2008) is heavily reliant on community support to continue their research and work towards reducing the personal and community impact of sarcoma.


Donations can be made via bank transfer 

Kicking Goals for Xavier Inc 


Account: 152188371

Thank you!

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